Compelling Client Quotes
Open Doors and Close Deals!

“Prospects who read the testimonials and success stories understand us better and are more motivated to work with us. Tricia is a pleasure to work with. She patiently guides me to better decisions than I would have made alone and leaves a STORYMINERS-like impression with clients. By taking the time to understand us well, she is helping our customers understand us even better. Two thumbs up!”
Mike Wittenstein


“Written recommendations from my delighted clients are like gold when it comes to growing my business. The challenge is getting clients to provide them. That’s why I rely on Tricia Molloy to professionally interview my clients and write testimonials that clearly communicate how I help create truly successful businesses and careers based on their profit, purpose, and passion.”
Melissa Galt
Prosper by Design


“Have you ever wished you ‘had it in writing’ when a client raved about you but felt awkward asking for a testimonial? That’s been my experience until I hired Tricia Molloy. She interviewed my clients, discovered what they liked about our encounters, and wrote glowing recommendations on their behalf that I am honored to use in my marketing. I work hard to delight my clients and was elated to know for sure that I hit the mark.”
Kevin Monroe
X Factor Consulting


“When Tricia Molloy told me what she charged for writing client testimonials, thought that was way too much. Then she sent me the first group of 15 quotes and I realized it wasn’t enough. I was blown away by how she captured each client’s story in a few powerful sentences. It’s a unique talent. Several clients commented to me how extremely professional and focused she was. She didn’t waste their time and they loved what she wrote. I’ve added these recommendations to my website and will hire Tricia again to write fresh ones. This is a great investment!”
Mark J. Friedman
Divorce Attorney


Tricia Molloy

Life would be so much simpler and sales would be effortless if all new clients came from trusted referrals. Since that’s not always possible, client testimonials are the next best thing.

Now you no longer have to wait for clients to provide a quote only to find that it’s too generic or doesn’t focus on your key marketing messages. I can facilitate the process, quickly and professionally.

As an author and former journalist, I use my professional interviewing and writing skills to capture what makes you stand out.

If you are searching for a new job, testimonials from former employers and colleagues can communicate your value to potential employers. Ask about our Executive Package.

Looking for a unique, memorable gift for your clients and colleagues?
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Client Testimonials:

  • Make it easy for your clients to sell your products and services for you.
    They’re like word-of-mouth advertising on steroids!
  • Establish credibility and communicate results.
  • Enhance your website, marketing materials, proposals, emails and
    LinkedIn profile.

Here’s How It Works:

  • Contact me at 770-565-1231 or to engage my
    service and discuss your key marketing messages and SEO keywords.
  • I provide the customized email copy for you to send to your clients.
  • You email me a list of your most satisfied clients who have agreed to be
    interviewed and quoted in your marketing.
  • I will conduct brief phone interviews, draft up quotes and email them to
    you for your approval or edits. Then, I’ll email them to your clients for their final approval.
  • You will have powerful testimonials, like the ones below, typically
    within a week of when we begin. So, let’s get started!                                                                                                   

PS: Ask about my LinkedIn Profile Audit service! I review your current profile, send you a list of ways to improve it, write/edit your Summary and Headline, and write several testimonials. This ensures your profile clearly communicates your value to prospective clients, referral sources and employers.

 Representative Client Testimonial Quotes

“Melissa Galt has a unique story to tell and a remarkable way of telling it. Her presentations are captivating, informative and insightful. She lifts people up with relatable life lessons and gets them to think how they, too, can overcome whatever challenges they face. Melissa delivers a deep, life-changing message within an entertaining program. It’s a fascinating combination that works beautifully.”
Susan Hitchcock, Advisory Board Member
Turknett Leadership Group

“If you sincerely want your organization to be the best it can be, Kevin Monroe is your man. Of all our experts in residence, he is a superstar. As a skilled nonprofit consultant on governance, planning and strategy, he brings all the right qualities to the job. Kevin is fully grounded and an intent, thoughtful listener. He sees the potential in our ideas and our people, and helps us see it, too. Kevin spoke on servant leadership to a major food manufacturer’s top executives who had a lot of responsibility and little time. He struck an amazing balance of accountability, inspiration and humility that won them over. What a breath of fresh air!”
Val Porter, Founder
Foundation Center

“Garon Hart has spoiled me for any other graphic designer. We’ve worked together since 1995 and he treats every assignment with the same enthusiasm and care as his first. Garon designs all our menus, ads, flyers, posters, banners and all other communications pieces. I love showing off what he’s done. He makes me look good.”
Diana Pannier, Marketing Director
Willy’s Mexicana Grill

“I’m a 6-foot five-inch, 350-pound former football player and Mark Friedman intimidated me. There was no way I would ever lie to him. He is on top of his game and in control. I had never been to court in my life but I wasn’t nervous because Mark clearly explained the process and managed my expectations every step of the way. There were no surprises and I got everything I wanted from the settlement. I send all my divorcing friends to Mark.”
S. H.

“A+++. That’s how I rate MSI recruiter Marshall Breedlove. He is persistent, intelligent and efficient with a keen sense of client loyalty. He intuitively knows to ask the right questions to fill any informational gaps. I highly recommend Marshall and will certainly use his services again when needed.”
Lane York, Recruiter
Piedmont Hospital

“I couldn’t be more pleased with Assessment Plus and I highly recommend them. They do an outstanding job. I receive an almost immediate response to my questions when I leave a message. The reports are accurate, well designed and easy to read and understand. Plus, the Assessment Plus team is fun to work with. Because we receive so much value from this information, we are now expanding the initiative beyond employees to include those associated with our organization.”
Phil Orazi, Director of Training and Development
Chick-fil-A, Inc.

“When Mike Wittenstein speaks, people listen. I’ve booked hundreds of experts and he is one of the best communicators. Mike is so passionate about customer experience as a way to transform businesses. He speaks from the heart and from his frontline experience of expertly guiding clients through this process. That’s why my Execunet audiences always connect with him—and why I keep inviting him back.”
J. Patrick Haly, President
National Personnel Services