About Tricia Molloy

Since 1988, I have supported the success of businesses through strategic marketing, writing and media publicity.

Today, I exclusively write compelling client testimonials that open doors and close deals.  I’m a storyteller at heart. As a freelance journalist, I honed my interview skills by writing more than a hundred business profiles and articles for newspapers and magazines. I’ve written more than two thousand testimonials.

My clients include interior designers, business coaches and consultants, website developers, marketers, lawyers, Realtors, insurance professionals and home improvement specialists. Anyone who wants to set themselves apart through the words of the clients they’ve helped.

I’m also an expert on developing a positive mindset—through proven strategies like gratitude—to reduce stress, achieve goals and improve work-life balance. I’m a corporate leadership speaker, coach and the author of Working with Wisdom: 10 Universal Principles for Enlightened Entrepreneurs. Visit www.triciamolloy.com.

Through my marketing and speaking, it’s my pleasure to help you capitalize on the power of gratitude to grow your business and career.

Schedule a 15-minute introductory call at https://calendly.com/triciamolloy/15min