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When choosing a real estate professional, most people want someone who is experienced, hardworking and trustworthy. Someone with a track record of success who delights their clients. If that’s you, the best way to express that is through the words of clients you’ve helped. If your ideal clients keep promising to write recommendations but never do, you can make it easier for them!

“Tricia takes the stress off of my clients and gives them a voice as to why they are my raving fans. Each one has thanked me for giving them the ability to express their thoughts without worrying about what to write, how to write it, and finding the time to work it all out. The best part is that I have an online presence I’m proud of with nearly zero time investment on my part or the part of my clients.”
Persephone Galambos, Real Estate Agent
Better Homes and Gardens



Would You Like Testimonials Like These?

“How much do we love Persephone? In the last six years, she has helped us buy three homes and sell two homes. And four groups of family members will only use her to buy and sell their homes. Persephone is like family to us. She’s so wonderful and helpful. Always bubbly and genuinely loves what she does and the people she helps. She’s very knowledgeable, especially with her appraisal background. I was very pregnant when we bought our second home and my husband was out of town, so she and her family came over and packed up for us. Once, when she was on vacation, she put in an offer at midnight so we could get our home the next day. That’s the kind of service you can expect when your work with Persephone.”
Susan Grossweiler

“We were first-time homebuyers, moving from Miami to Atlanta. Much more than a relocation broker, Nestor was our trusted tour guide and teacher. He rode us around in style, explaining the pros and cons of different homes and locations. We learned how the game was played when it comes to things like earnest money and counter offers. Most turnkey homes in this market have more than 50 bidders offering way over the asking price. Within two months, Nestor helped us find a home with lots of potential in a great location with the layout and size we wanted. Nestor is thoughtful and precise, so different from some real estate professionals who talk first and think second. He came highly recommended and now we know why.”
Jeff Young and Alexis Lamb

If you want to make money in real estate, you need to partner with Melody! After she helped me sell my first home, I knew she was different from most agents. Melody does what she says she will do. She’s a warm-hearted go-getter, transparent with no surprises. She and her team handled every detail right. Since then, she helped me buy another home and sell it within a year for $25,000 more than I expected. Melody is now searching for my next property and that purchase will be all cash.”
Oconey Clay Campbell

Tricia Molloy

Life would be so much simpler and sales would be effortless if all new clients came from trusted referrals. Since that’s not always possible, client testimonials are the next best thing.

Now you no longer have to wait for clients to provide recommendations only to find that they’re too generic or don’t focus on your key marketing messages. I can facilitate the process, quickly and professionally.

A storyteller at heart, I’m a marketing veteran, author and former journalist who has written more than 2,000 testimonials. They are concise (so prospects will read them), detailed (so prospects will believe them) and emotional (so prospects will resonate with them and respond).

In addition to using these testimonials on your website, review sites and social media, you can also include them in your emails, proposals and contracts.


Client Testimonials

Testimonials are like word-of-mouth advertising on steroids! Make it easy for your clients to sell your services for you. Establish credibility and communicate results. Enhance your website, social media, marketing materials, proposals and emails.

  • Contact me at 770-565-1231 or to engage my service and discuss your key marketing messages.
  • I provide the customized email copy for you to send to your clients.
  • You use a simple online form to send me information on the clients who have agreed to be interviewed and quoted in your marketing.
  • I conduct brief phone interviews, write the recommendations and email them to you for your approval. Then, I email them to your clients for their final approval.
  • If you use review sites, I send your clients the links to click and copy and paste their testimonials.
  • You will have powerful testimonials, like the ones above, typically within a few weeks of when we begin. So, let’s get started!   

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