Compelling Client Testimonials
Open Doors and Close Deals!

Tired of waiting for your clients to write their own recommendations?
Now you can make it easy for them.

“When Tricia Molloy told me what she charged for writing client testimonials, I thought that was way too much. Then she sent me the first group of 15 quotes and I realized it wasn’t enough. I was blown away by how she captured each client’s story in a few powerful sentences. It’s a unique talent. Several clients commented to me how extremely professional and focused she was. She didn’t waste their time and they loved what she wrote. It’s a great investment!”
Mark J. Friedman
Divorce Attorney

“Without Tricia’s help, I would have had my assistant spend countless hours chasing reviews that would be bland at best. The twelve testimonials Tricia brought out of my clients are amazing. They are words people will respond to and think about when they decide who to hire. They are arguably the best referrals I will have. Not only are they good for my marketing but also for my heart.”
Elizabeth Smolcich, Principal Designer
Mason & Brass Design Studio

“Tricia takes the stress off of my clients and gives them a voice as to why they are my raving fans. Each one has thanked me for giving them the ability to express their thoughts without worrying about what to write, how to write it, and finding the time to work it all out. The best part is that I have an online presence I’m proud of with nearly zero time investment on my part or the part of my clients.”
Persephone Galambos, Real Estate Agent
Better Homes and Gardens

“Written recommendations from my delighted clients are like gold when it comes to growing my business. The challenge is getting clients to provide them. That’s why I rely on Tricia Molloy to professionally interview my clients and write testimonials that clearly communicate how I create truly successful businesses and careers based on their profit, purpose, and passion.”
Melissa Galt
Prosper by Design

Tricia Molloy

Life would be so much simpler and sales would be effortless if all new clients came from trusted referrals. Since that’s not always possible, client testimonials are the next best thing.

Now you no longer have to wait for clients to provide recommendations only to find that they’re too generic or don’t focus on your key marketing messages. I can facilitate the process, quickly and professionally.

A storyteller at heart, I’m a marketing veteran, author and former journalist who has written more than 2,000 testimonials. They are concise (so prospects will read them), detailed (so prospects will believe them) and emotional (so prospects will resonate with them and respond). My clients include interior designers, real estate professionals, business coaches, consultants, speakers and attorneys.

In addition to using these testimonials on your website, review sites and social media, you can also include them in your emails, proposals and contracts.

If you are searching for a new job, testimonials from former employers and colleagues can communicate your value to potential employers.

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Client Testimonials

Testimonials are like word-of-mouth advertising on steroids! Make it easy for your clients to sell your services for you. Establish credibility and communicate results. Enhance your website, marketing materials, proposals, emails and LinkedIn profile.

  • Contact me at 770-565-1231 or to engage my service and discuss your key marketing messages.
  • I provide the customized email copy for you to send to your clients.
  • You use a simple online form to send me information on the clients who have agreed to be interviewed and quoted in your marketing.
  • I conduct brief phone interviews, write the recommendations and email them to you for your approval. Then, I email them to your clients for their final approval.
  • If you use review sites, I send your clients the links to click and copy and paste their testimonials.
  • You will have powerful testimonials, like the ones below, typically within a few weeks of when we begin. So, let’s get started!   

Schedule a 15-minute introductory call at                                                                                                

 Representative Client Testimonials

“Working with the Pure Design Team has been fun and fabulous! I love the whole process. When remodeling a home, there are so many choices to make, from paint colors to bathroom fixtures. It can be overwhelming. They were with me from the moment my house was gutted. Since I had a lot of furniture and artwork from my previous home, they measured everything and digitally arranged it in my new rooms so we could decide what went where and what else we needed. They even took the extra fabric from my window coverings and had it made into a quilt. It is so worth the time and money to work with Deanne and her team. They made my ideas come to life.”
Trina Carter

“Melissa Galt has a unique story to tell and a remarkable way of telling it. Her presentations are captivating, informative and insightful. She lifts people up with relatable life lessons and gets them to think how they, too, can overcome whatever challenges they face. Melissa delivers a deep, life-changing message within an entertaining program. It’s a fascinating combination that works beautifully.”
Susan Hitchcock, Advisory Board Member
Turknett Leadership Group

Garon Hart has spoiled me for any other graphic designer. We’ve worked together since 1995 and he treats every assignment with the same enthusiasm and care as his first. Garon designs all our menus, ads, flyers, posters, banners and all other communications pieces. I love showing off what he’s done. He makes me look good.”
Diana Pannier, Marketing Director
Willy’s Mexicana Grill

“I’m a 6-foot five-inch, 350-pound former football player and Mark Friedman intimidated me. There was no way I would ever lie to him. He is on top of his game and in control. I had never been to court in my life but I wasn’t nervous because Mark clearly explained the process and managed my expectations every step of the way. There were no surprises and I got everything I wanted from the settlement. I send all my divorcing friends to Mark.”
S. H.

“When your younger workers would rather text than talk, you’ve got a customer service problem. Throughout the years, Jackie Martin has presented communication and leadership training programs that give us a competitive edge. Jackie is phenomenal, a complete joy to work with. She doesn’t just teach us new skills, she shows us how to put them into action with fun teamwork exercises that bring everyone closer together. We’ve been able to attract and retain good people because we are committed to investing in their professional development.”
Mark Thompson, President
Absolute Pool & Spa Care

“When recommending Deborah Schwartz Griffin to my colleagues, I often compare her to a skilled weight-training coach. She will persistently push you to lift more weight than you think you can, and you will be better and stronger for it. As my business coach, she has taught me the art and science of relationship building. In the last few months, Deborah helped us acquire two significant clients and increase our revenue by more than 20 percent.”
Aaron Wynn, MBA, Managing Partner
Hunter Recruitment Advisors